Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Tatsu Ramen located?

We currently have 3 store fronts, Melrose, Sawtelle, & Pasadena and a 4th coming soon! There are more locations to come so keep your eye out for us. If you have a city you want us in, email us!

What bowl is most popular?

That’s an easy answer, the Bold Ramen, our original and most popular bowl. It has a special blend of 11 ingredients ranging from shrimp to roasted sesame. Our Hippie Ramen and Cheeky ramen are tied for second place.

Does the Naked Ramen come with broth?

Nope. It is our brothless ramen. Trust us, even without a broth, our Naked Ramen packs a punch. If you really want a broth with is, try adding a side of Hippie Broth. (It is our not so secret, secret menu).

Do you take reservations?

Sorry we do not.

Is your wait time really that long?

It sure is. We pride ourselves on being one of the known ramen restaurants in town. We do the best we can to serve the highest quality ramen we can think of as quickly as we can, but the volume can get a lot. You better believe on those rainy days we have seen our wait up to 2 hours and sometimes even 3 but those who waited have told us it was worth it.

Why don’t you take phone orders?

We used to until it took us up to 30 minutes taking one order since there are a lot of customization you can have with our ramens. We don’t want to put you or our team through that. To make it easier for us all, we suggest ordering through our website at Plus, we will text you once your order is ready.

I have some allergies; can I eat here?

Let us know what allergies you have, and we will do the best we can to guide you. All our ramen is made in the same kitchen where cross-contamination cannot be guaranteed. One thing is we do not work with any peanuts, so you are safe there.

Is there nutritional information?

Not at this time. It isn’t required during this stage of our growth. We can say our ramen is quite hearty, otherwise we wouldn’t call it ‘Ramen with a Soul.’ If you are looking for something that won’t put you in a food coma, try our Hippie Ramen or our Naked Ramen

Is there a vegetarian option?

We do. We offer Hippie and Naked Ramen. The noodle does not have egg either. Do not forget about the Veggie Fried rice.

How about vegan options?

Same ramen as above. We stripped of any animal products if you choose ‘Vegan’ & ‘No cheese.’ However, the Veggie Fried Rice can not be made vegan. Sorry.

But why can’t the Veggie Fried Rice be made Vegan?

We mix eggs into the base of our rice to make our tasty fried rice. We add additional scramble eggs in our Veggie Fried Rice that we can remove, but the eggs in the base of our rice are there to stay. It doesn’t taste the same without it.

Is there a gluten-free option?

We carry gluten-free noodles which are made from rice flour. Guess what, they are vegan too. Our broth and proteins can be made gluten-free as well.

How are the eggs cooked / Why soft in the middle / Why is the egg brown?

The eggs are soft boiled to preserve the flavor of the yolk. The eggs are then seasoned with a special marinade.

Why are there tablets and not servers?

It is commonplace in Japan to order your ramen from vending machines or kiosks and then hand your ticket to the chef to create. We have combined that tradition with our high level of customization of bowls to make ordering easier.

Do you have catering options?

At this time, we do not, but we might in the future.

Have more questions?

Should you have further question, send us a message below!